Migecon Citrus Juicer

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Looking for a convenient and easy-to-use juicer extractor? Look no further than this amazing machine! This incredible juicer doesn’t require any peeling – simply cut your fruit in half and it’s ready to go.

Not only can it juice oranges, but apples, pears, lemons, watermelons, and grapes too.

It’s cordless and electric, so all you need to do is push a button to start juicing.

This hands-free design means you can use it anywhere – at work, on a picnic, or when you’re out and about. Plus,

it’s easy to clean – just give it a quick rinse under the tap and you’re done!



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3 reviews for Migecon Citrus Juicer

  1. Carren

    Incredible orange juicer, I really love it

  2. eileenwang

    Thanks so much for your support, dear.

  3. Thanh-An Nguyen

    Seems like a good juicer overall but may I know what are the light indicator meanings? Like when it shows red does it mean it is charging? Will the color change when it is fully charge? Because it doesn’t start when I press the button while red.

    • eileenwang

      Thanks so much for your comments, dear!
      Yes, when it in red light, means needed charged, and after fully charge, it will turn to be white light.
      If anything others doubt when in using pls contact me freely, thanks so much!

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